“This would not have been possible without Wendy.”

I cannot say enough good things about Wendy. She is the utmost professional. She was a pleasure to work with and she did an unbelievable job. From the outset everything was extremely organized. She is extremely creative but very mindful of a budget. Beyond that she worked extremely well with the other on-site professionals; our architect, our builder and our landscaper. She was there day in and day out during the implementation process to make sure things were done properly. She spoke up when she needed to. The end result is that we have beautiful landscaping to accompany our beautiful house. This would not have been possible without Wendy. All in all we were extremely happy with Wendy. – Scarsdale, NY

“It looks as if it has been in place forever.”

Working with Wendy was an absolute delight. She is enormously knowledgeable about landscape architecture, design, and every aspect of nature. She is a consummate professional, totally responsive to our needs and desires and while at the same time, respectful of our budget. Wendy’s resourceful, she gets things done, on time and the result, an entirely new, landscaped, stone patio, is quite beautiful—it looks as if it has been in place forever! We love it. – East Chatham, New York

“So much better than we envisioned.”

From our first meeting it was evident that Wendy was able to listen to our ideas and then expand upon them with both broad strokes and subtle changes that produced an end result that was so much better than we envisioned. She is a wonderful communicator who will rework design plans until they are “right.” The implementation of the plans is equally impressive. Wendy has a work ethic that guarantees success. She made our project as special as we felt it should be and shared our goal of making our home as beautiful as it could be. In the end, our home is even more of a joy for us as a result of Wendy’s magic-so much so that we will not do any landscaping without Wendy Carroll. We consider her just that important to us. And one other thing-she is a truly warm, caring and lovely person. – Chatham, New York

“Thank you.”

Thank you for helping to make our home so wonderful. Your care and thoughtfulness are over and above. – Ghent NY

“Wendy is an exceptionally gifted landscape architect.”

It is more than a deep sense of satisfaction that we feel when we look out at our new blue stone patio and gardens. It is also our new appreciation and respect for the wonder of nature. We achieved both under the watchful eye of Wendy as she carefully laid out the plan that changed our barren yard into a thing of beauty. Her passion and talent for maintaining a balance with nature while creating a new architectural space inspired us to move forward with confidence. Wendy is an exceptionally gifted landscape architect who has touched our hearts and changed our lives with her presence. – Chatham, NY

“I cannot tell you how glad we are we have found Wendy.”

Wendy Carroll is as good a gardener as we have found and we went through many. We are not able to use our second house all the time. That is the one she works. We have a large trellis which covers one side of the house. No one, until Wendy came along, was able to plant it, tend it and make the whole thing bloom within a year’s time. She is very good at communicating. She always discusses what she suggests we do and once we work out a plan she estimates the cost before we start and stays within it. To keep our property alive and going we have to depend on people like Wendy. I cannot tell you how glad we are we have found her. She also is so responsible, even tempered and nearly invisible when she’s here I’m often surprised to see her. She knows her plants-in Latin! There is no job I wouldn’t recommend her for. – Hillsdale, NY

“Working with Wendy Carroll… has been a constant journey of wonderment.”

Working with Wendy Carroll on the restoration of the gardens at Edna St. Vincent Millay’s home, Steepletop, in Austerlitz, NY has been a constant journey of wonderment. Her instinctual understanding of space and how plants react in those places continually fascinates me. Under her guidance, and very much hands-on guidance it is, the period garden rooms that Millay created have thrived and revived and we are well on our way back to the early 1930s at this site. We are a Historic House and Garden Museum. Wendy and I began this process with the historic garden end of the spectrum and our concentration there has been the right course to take. She makes me proud all the time to be connected with this place and with her vision for us at Steepletop. – Peter Bergman, Steepletop, The Home and Gardens of Edna Saint Vincent Millay

“I recommend her highly.”

Wendy Carroll… is very bright, creative and open minded in her approach to design in landscape and sculpture. I also found her to be energetic and great fun to be with. She made definite contributions on many of our projects. She worked on a large private estate with many complex details and also researched sculptures for several projects, which she was very competent. I recommend her highly and believe she has high design potential. She has a brimming talent. – Dan Kiley

“Articulate, clear, perceptive, and responsive.”

I am happy to recommend Wendy Carroll for employment of almost any kind. She has a quick intelligence for almost any kind of problem, technical or personal. She is articulate, clear, perceptive, and responsive. Wendy has worked for me over 11 years, always quietly productive as well as insistent on quality. She is also patient and persevering. This is not only in her neighborhood. She has traveled afar and has been warmly received. Wendy is not all smiles. She can be a hard, sharp, fearless critic, but always fair. She has a substantial future ahead of her.” – George Rickey

“She has accomplished miraculous feats in our garden.”

I was first introduced to Wendy about five years ago while in the midst of a major renovation of our city brownstone. It is my experience that restoration of these properties can only be accomplished when both the homeowner and the artisans view the project as a labor of love. Wendy fits well into that mold, and she has accomplished miraculous feats in our garden.

When Wendy first arrived on the scene, our back yard had nothing but a lovely old tree, a poured concrete walk and patio and some pretty dead soil. Wendy excavated the concrete areas but rather than cause us the expense of disposing of that material, she recycled it into retaining walls to create different levels in the garden. This solution was aesthetic as well as practical, as it added interest and depth to the property. Wendy is a true artist who has transformed a barren piece of soil into an ever-changing visual delight. Our property is repeatedly requested as a stop on garden tours and has won prizes in garden contests. – Albany, NY