About Landscape Architect Wendy P. Carroll

My mission is to create environments that will benefit your site’s ecosystems within the greater landscape, while fulfilling and expanding your daily experience.

My current practice, now in its 14th year, has evolved over four decades. Working in gardens from a young age I was keenly aware of their transitory and temporal conditions, as well as the sculptural qualities of the landscape around me. As an artist, transitioning from sculpture to landscape work was a natural evolution.

  • I believe in the power of landscape to enrich, enhance, and elevate our daily lives.
  • I listen to the needs, desires, and dreams you have for your site.
  • I inquire about the site’s history and your own memories—special places and sensory experiences from your past that might be integrated into your present surroundings.
  • I understand and adapt to financial considerations.
  • I acknowledge and respect ecological systems.

Places to visit, inhabit, view, and move through, enriching your daily life.

My collaborative approach to design, along with my understanding of varied materials and their potential, has resulted in a method that is both pragmatic and painterly. I seek to create transformational, experiential landscapes that celebrate the compelling and sensory powers of our natural systems.

Enhanced spaces with character– complex, layered, vital.

With rich layers of architectural and artistic plantings—from the smallest spring ephemerals to the tapestry of native ground covers, from the diverse blooms of perennials and shrubs upward to the majestic tree canopy that shades and defines a landscape throughout the seasons–I work to create a sense of place unique to your personal vision and site-specific needs.